sea things
london design festival / sap / v&a
sam jacob studio

as the main contractor, we worked with sam jacob and london design festival to produce a 4m x 4m cube that hung in the entrance of the v&a during london design festival 2019. this was a technical challenge in many ways ranging hanging a 2.5t structure from a truss 42m in the air and fitting an 4m hd led screen to run an animation (by rory cahill) to 3d printing vases with tomato resin. we advised on the design and construction of the installation producing construction drawings and project managing the rigging and av

we also produced 8 solid timber turned plinths to display 8 vessels made in plastics ranging cast chitoan (shrimp!) to 3d prints and clay

the project sought to consider the impact of plastic waste on our oceans. it used a one-way mirror cube to display an infinite animation to v&a visitors. the results were both spectacular and impactful

we worked with andrew friend and sitraka rakatoniaina to realise this project within just 6 weeks



photos by ed reeve